Become a R'XA ® Healer

R'XA ® Practitioner

To be initiated in R’XA ® is to having the honor of being a transforming agent of the Universe, but also lovingly collaborate with the healing of Mother Earth.

R'XA ® Master Professor

Upon concluding the R’XA ® Ancestral Shamanic Reiki East Direction (Master), you become a R’XA ® Master Professor and are qualified to teach R’XA ® System.

R'XA ® Photon Master

R’XA ® Photon Master works with powerful techniques and coaching bioenergetic tools that promotes self knowledge, time and feelings management.


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Terra Xamã’s Presentation:

The Terra Xamã – International is a Shamanism Natural School , were conceived by its founder, the R’XA ® Photon Master Senior & Trainer Akaiê Sramana. The Terra Xamã is the result of proven experience in developing people. We have a solid background and know-how in various fields of human development. The Terra Xamã was

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"The consciousness is the base of the energy. Dare to expand it. Allow yourself. And the supraconsciousness will be given to you."