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Terra Xamã’s Presentation:

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The Terra Xamã – International is a Shamanism Natural School , were conceived by its founder, the R’XA ® Photon Master Senior & Trainer Akaiê Sramana.

The Terra Xamã is the result of proven experience in developing people. We have a solid background and know-how in various fields of human development.

The Terra Xamã was created to be a reference for excellence in human development, through the concepts of ancient philosophies, integrated with modern concepts and contemporary methodologies.

R’XA ® for Terra Xamã It is more than a bioenergetic system, a therapeutic process or a shamanic methodology. R’XA ® is the science of energism, capable of transforming the world through people.

Our MISSION is to raise the superconsciousness in Human Beings. Develop their emotional resources, their behavioral capacities and habilities through R’XA ®, so achieving extraordinary results at personal, professional, family and spiritual life.

We have as VISION, being the largest International Reference in Bioenergetic Therapy through R’XA ® ‘till the year 2019. Proporcionar e agir para a construção de um mundo melhor. To provide and take action to build a better world. A world in which everyone wants to belong. A world where people are humanized, superconscious, responsible for nature and their attitudes, behaviors and outcomes.

Our VALUES are:

  • Arousal the Superconsciouness;
  • Nature’s Respect and Honor;
  • Sistemic Organization;
  • Constant Evolution;
  • Extraordinary Results.