Akaiê Sramana, R’XA ® Founder

“All R’XA ® Ancestral Shamanic Reiki material, wisdom, techniques, symbols, mantras and R’XA ® knowledge was canalized by Lord Kronn and it’s protected by copyrights international laws by Ancestral Shamanism Sacred Tradition and his encoder, Akaiê Sramana.”


All rights reserved. Neither part of the R’XA ® Ancestral Shamanic Reiki Bioenergetic System may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or means of communication without the Copyright’s owner express written autorization. The R’XA ® Ancestral Shamanic Reiki author and encoder is commited to cooperate and work with interested people, as long as the standards set by him are observed.


Akaiê Sramana is the R’XA ® University Founder, Ancestral Shamanism Sacred Traditional Acharya Founder, Shiva’s Order Grand Master – Ancestral Shamanism Spiritual Clan, Terra Xamã’s International Founder, Aldeia de Shiva’s President and CEO of the Coaching Natural School, Leadership Natural School and Shamanism Natural School. He worked for more than 10 years as Mentorig, System’s Architect, Consultant and software development Team Leader at IBM Brazil, Where held several Motivational Leadership lectures and seminars in Brazil, USA and India. Also Master Coach and Eco Natural Consultant, leading executives that lead corporations promote risks and environments impact, Behavioral and Leadership Leader Coach, developing high impact training within the nature, throught shamanism concepts and eco natural outdoor training. Using the behavior and leadership techniques to develop planning goals and aims, enabling resources to develop skills that promote overcoming, breaking paradigms, productivity, high performance and motivation to reach the stated results.


Akaiê Sramana chose the Ancestral Shamanic Spirituality path and part of his life is dedicated to write brand new books, to minister spiritual orientation, counseling, canalizations, akashik readings, quantum healing and holografic attendance, trainings and shamanic initiations, lectures, workshops, seminars, shamanic trainings and experiences, rituals and ceremonies related to Ancestral Shamanism at ALDEIA DE SHIVA and for all over Brazil, at the same time that organizes and minister activities and advanced at Ancestral Shamanism Sacred Tradition, as Shamanic Camps, Shamanic Weeks and Power Pilgrimages.