R’XA ® is the Bioenergetic System of 7th Dimension (7D) Quantum Holographic Healing, encoded by the Medium and Master Shaman Akaiê Sramana as of Ignorance Transformation Shamanic Tool, Spiritual Redemption, Awakening of SupraConsciousness and Spiritual Ascension for a New Humanity.

“Love is something so sublime, so Superior, so close to the Divine, that we, mere mortals without the minimum condition to understand such force, nicknamed Passion! God, in His Infinite Wisdom and Sovereign Power, created and emanated “His Divine Love”, all-permeates, that everything can, everything heals and everything strengthens. R’XA ® , this Divine Love, “LOVE IS THE HEALING”! Entering the R’XA ® Universe is start living TRUTH and Supraconscious Love, which brings constant changes, self-discovery, statements, expansion of consciousness and deep feelings of love to the others, to Mother Earth, to the Great Spirit and to the Universe … is enlightening the Human Passion with this Divine Love, which already lives at the heart of all living beings and to make understand that for “Being All One,” it is necessary to transcend the Human passions by True and Divine Love, which is Universal,which is R’XA ®. “

[Akaiê Sramana – R’XA ® Founder]

Despite being known as Ancestral Shamanic Reiki, it is different from traditional Reiki systems. R’XA ® canalizes directly the powerful processing power of the God Shiva, a member of the Trinity of Hinduism and Shamanism’s Father. It is a healing technique that uses the laying on of hands, mudras, energetic movements and various shamanic wisdom and archetypes of Oriental aboriginal tribes, and multimilenials traditions, Ancestral Shamanism Sacred Tradition, who experiences the shamanism of ancient India.

When initiated in R’XA ® you’ll belong to the “Shiva Order”, the sadhus group, healers, magicians, healers and shamans of ancient India, Nepal and Tibet, that more than 100,000 years has been remaining connected to R’XA ® until the present day, through the Greater Astral. And so, you may be a member of this Tradition of Power that strongly acts with the sacred Goddess Shakti healing powers (Mother Earth), through Kali-Durga-Parvati healing archetypes, the God Shiva Shankara (the Father Heaven), the God Surya (the Sun), the God Chandra (the Moon), the Nagas (Healing Serpents) and Yakshas (Animal Spirits, the Trees, the Elemental and various energies present in Nature).

The used healing techniques are rescued from tribal cultures such as the proto-Australoids, the first Aboriginal people from India and various experiences and shamanic rituals, passed by shamans, sadhus, medicine men, mystics, sourceress, nature priests, wizards, rishis, gurus and yogis.

Millennia before Mikao Usui receive the sacred symbols of Traditional Reiki on Mount Fuji in Japan, R’XA ® was already in operation in India, Nepal and Tibet. Shamans of Ancestral Shamanism tradition are responsible for the transmission of this multi-millennial knowledge, the shaman Akaiê Sramana, was chosen by the Great Mystery Shivaya to recode the R’XA ® in this Age of Aquarius, and has received canalizations directly from Greater Astral regarding this powerful system Cosmic Healing Universal, transmitted by his spiritual mentor, “KRONN”, which lives in the seventh dimension of the MAYA Star, a member of the Pleiades constellation, which was started in R’XA ® directly by Universal Cosmic Mind Meta-Matrix Knowledge – Sadashiva.

To be initiated in R’XA ® is to having the honor of being a transforming agent of the Universe, but also lovingly collaborate with the healing of Mother Earth. It is guaranteed that spiritual transformative powers will be revealed only to the initiated.

Why R’XA ® is the most powerful bionergetic healing instrument?

The R’XA ® is the most powerful kind of healing energy because it directly manipulates the energy of Shiva Shankara, Father of Ancestral Shamanism (India Shamanism), God of Yoga, the God of meditation and the destroyer of any negative energy. When starting out in R’XA ® the initiate will receive in your energy body the energy and seal of Shiva and thus this energy will keep forever in your force field. Will provide vital transformation power in the hands of who starts.

Who can be started in R’XA ®?

Anyone can take the R’XA ® course. The only requirement to start is the intense desire to become two pillars: one of Light and the other of Healing, in theHoly Plan of the Great Spirit.

The loving desire service to humanity and to the spiritual world will be the difference for a better use of the course. Humility and simplicity to prostrate himself as a sincere guiding in the preservation of Mother Earth will already be the Master initiation.

What type of energy does R’XA ® work?

R’XA ® is a seventh dimension energy. Not only it matures the Lower Self, as heals and transforms the physical plane (three-dimensional) and the Astral Plane, awakens to the individual’s Higher Self Superconsciousness,giving to the initiate awareness and the certainly to start being a healer not only in Physical Plane and the Astral plane but also of healing the past and the future, healing lower dimensions of consciousness and opening the vertical and horizontal channels of the Being for the establishment of effective communication with the seventh-dimensional beings.

What can be healed by R’XA ®?

Everything can be cured by R’XA ®, since all objects of the material world, as animals, plants, rivers, lakes, ponds, physical spaces (homes, businesses, etc.) as well as disembodied spirits can benefit from the healing energy R’XA ® because it is not third dimension a power third dimension and do not work only in the physical world, but in the seventh dimension. Being a seventh dimension power, astral beings can also be cured by R’XA ® as well as thoughts and larval forms in the astral are automatically removed after the first initiation.

Important Factors:

Shortly after being initiated in the R’XA® your life and healing energy increases considerably and can be automatically identified and sensed by mediums and sensitive people.

The R’XA ® is an opening and developing high efficiency shamanic training. After the first initiation you will notice how your sensibility and mediumship improves instantaneously, all the life and healing concepts ascend quickly. This will become increasingly progressive after each initiation in subsequent levels.

After the first initiation you will already be a participant of the “Shiva Order”, the egregore of the ancient shamans who work with the energy of Lord Shiva and has as spirits members of the highest level of energy / spiritual wisdom, working for healing in physical and non-physical universe dimensions, spirits as Pena Branca, Saint Germain, Master Jesus, Hilarion, Paolo Veneziano, Master Rowena, Ashtar Sharan and other ascended masters, are also part of this egregore, because many of them have already incarnated as shamans and healers in this dimension where we live and how masterminds who are, help to “Shiva Order” with its sacred experiences and wisdom. As a member of this healing egregore, you’ll easily canalize information and spiritual teachings of great importance to your life and the planet, not to mention the sense of protection and love that you will be wrapped in.

In each initiation you’ll receive secret mantras, sacred symbols and energetic imprints in your auric field, which will provide an extreme energy empowerment while working with R’XA ® and self-activation with the R’XA ® egregore .

After the third initiation, “North direction”, you’ll be allowed to open the “R’XA ® Healing Center”, and represent the R’XA ® in your city and region, opening the “R’XA ® Healing Center” you can perform R’XA ® sessions, courses, lectures and workshops when you conquer the “East Direction ” (MASTER).

Do as more than 10,000 people who have already been initiated in R’XA ® on Planet Earth do, by benefiting yourself from the seventh dimension R’XA ® energy to heal yourself and raise your consciousness to Cosmic Healing Universal, and help other people also to be benefited with R’XA ®, increase your positive karma and transcending your consciousness into the Light.